Friendship February 2023 During Friendship week the children learned about many aspects of Friendship.They: discussed what makes a good friend;listened to the story of the Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig ,developing empathy and awareness for the child in this situation;completed comic strips and WANTED posters;watched Special Olympics Ireland video clips about friendships;created s a whole school Friend-Ship display for the school corridor;made Friendship bracelets for a classmate;participated in 'compliment circle' activity. This year we linked our Friendship week with Special Olympics Friendship February. Ms.Philomena kindly brought in gold and silver medals won by her nephew Gary O'Sullivan, while representing Ireland during the Special Olympics 2019 in Abu Dhabi in athletics. Ms.Philomena and Mason explained to the classes how Gary had made so many friends through Special Olympics and collected pins from various countries as a keepsake of these friendships.The children really enjoyed hearing about Gary and seeing his medals. The school held a Non-Uniform day on Friday 24th and all donations will go to Special Olympics Ireland.
Friendship February 2023