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Health Promoting Week
We are delighted to give you the details of our Health Promoting Programme from Monday 23rd October 2017 which Mrs. Moloney and Mrs. Finnegan have arranged.
Monday 23rd Kevin Sheridan of Sheridan’s Cheesemongers will give a demonstration with each class. The focus will be on smoothie making. Tuesday 24th Active Day in School with plenty of different sporting activities. Each pupil will receive an ‘Eat Smart, Move More’ booklet’ from the HSE. Wednesday 25th Fred The Party Professor’ will visit the school with an educational show using magic. Thursday 26th Pauric White of The Forge will hold cookery demonstrations with each class. This year the theme is ‘Meet the Fish - Eat the Fish’ The children will also bake brown bread. Friday 27th Big Dome is coming to school – an indoor cinema showing wonderful educational films about space, nature etc. SPHE lessons and Mindfulness sessions will be held in each class. Sergeant Dean Kerins will give a talk on ‘Internet Safety’ to 3 rd to 6 th classes. (Time to be confirmed)
In a Health Promoting School, health refers to social, emotional, mental, spiritual, cognitive and physical health. The school recognises that these dimensions of health are interconnected and are influenced by the school environment. Health Promotion in a school can be defined as any activity undertaken that aims to improve and protect the health of everyone in the school community. The HPS strives to make school a positive experience for pupils, staff and visitors by paying special attention to all aspects of health in every area of the school. Through whole school consultation and involvement everyone is actively engaged in the process. A Health Promoting School aims to: • Foster the healthy development of the whole school community; • Provide a framework for developing health promotion initiatives in a way that supports and enhances the implementation of the curriculum; • Support the planning, implementation and evaluation of health related activities under the school development planning process; • Enhance the links between schools and their communities. The benefits of a Health Promoting School; Better learning outcomes for pupils Improved staff well-being A more coordinated approach to social, physical and environmental needs Increased pupil self-esteem Lowered incidence of bullying Safer and more secure school environment Better understanding of schools’ health aims Improved relationships within the school Increased involvement of parents/guardians Better use of external agencies e.g HSE
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