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Third & Fourth Class
'3rd and 4th Class having great fun playing maths games during Maths Week'
'3rd and 4th Class Self Portraits'
Happy Halloween from 3rd and 4th Class
Our Tree of Gratitude During our Health Promotion Week, 3rd and 4th Class did a lot of work on Gratitude and the effects that  practising gratitude has on ourselves and others. As part of this work, we made a beautiful 'Tree of Gratitude'. ‘Advice from a tree’ The children in 3 rd  and 4 th  Class painted beautiful Winter Trees using paint, pencils and crayons. Trees have been around for a long time and we can get great advice from them! Be happy with your natural beauty Bend before you break Stay grounded Stand tall and proud Enjoy the view Keep growing Drink plenty of water Go out on a limb.
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3 rd  and 4 th  Class with their beautiful Christmas Lanterns
3rd and 4th Class made lovely Snow Globes during the cold  month of January. They also remembered to feed the birds during this harsh weather!
In 3rd and 4th Class, we are learning about Materials and Change in Science class. We carried out an experiment on cream. Through shaking the cream, it changed from being milky to thick and velvety to lumpy and eventually to a liquid state again with lumps of cream in it. We recorded our findings on a record sheet.
Over the past few weeks in Social, Personal And Health Education (S.P.H.E.) we have been discussing the positive characteristics of all the individual children in our class. We recorded these traits in a colourful style and displayed them!
3rd and 4th Class created some very imaginative 'Negative and Positive Space Artwork'.
After studying and reading about The Famine, 3rd and 4th class joined forces and produced these wonderful projects on The Great Famine.