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Senior Infants
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“We had a visit from Garda Sergeant Dean Kerins who talked to us about being safe at Halloween and even showed us all of his special equipment and uniform. The guard showed us his hat, vest, whistle, high-visibility jacket and even hand-cuffed our teacher!!! We had great fun trying on some of the uniform and learning all about this job”.
‘Chilled out at School’- These are pictures from inside the Dome. This was just one of the activities during ‘Health Promoting Schools Week’.
We learned about the Artist, ‘Pablo Picasso’. Picasso was a Spanish Painter, one of the most famous masters of modern art. His work is abstract and associated with the Cubist Art Movement. Cubism: Nature is made up of shapes- at the time this became a new way of seeing and showing reality. We looked at the painting: Head of a Woman in a Hat’ 1962 Looking and Responding In this painting we looked at: Colour: red, white, green, orange, black and blue, colour blocking- not blended, Use of shape: circles, 2D, made using colour Line: Outlined in Black, heavy, straight, curved, coloured Form: The portrait fills the space on the page, head and shoulders are painted only
“History in September”  was all about ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We learned how to sequence the events in the story and responded to the story by creating our own little pigs for our display in the Hallway”.
“In Religion we explored the topic of ‘Our Family’-The children brought pictures of their family into school for ‘Our Family Tree’ which can be found on display in our Sacred Space”.
“We Love ‘Arty Maths’ in Senior Infants. Here are some pictures from our exploration of 2D shapes. We had great fun creating our shape pictures by cutting and sticking paper and printing onto cloth. It’s important that the children have opportunities to connect maths with everyday life to promote their learning in this area. Through these activities we learned about squares, circles, rectangles and triangles as well as creating pattern and exploring colour”.
“We learned about the painting technique ‘pointillism’ and had great fun giving it a go! We created Halloween pictures and on Friday we worked together to make a class display using this method of painting. We also engaged in similar activities this week to promote ‘Mindfulness’ in the classroom during ‘Health Promoting Schools’ programme”.
“In our class we love working together. Here you can see the children engaging in different subjects using a collaborative learning approach. The children learn to engage, listen and respond with peers and thus the learning experience is enhanced”.
We are learning about colour blocking, primary and secondary colours. The primary colours are: Blue, Red & Yellow. The secondary colours are: Purple, Orange and Green. We looked at the work of Artist: Andy Warhol He was a Pop Artist and created this canvas print of the famous actress, Marilyn Monroe. Have a look at our Self-Portraits…can you figure us out?
Vincent Van Gogh was a painter from a country called Holland. He painted lots of famous paintings such as the ‘Sunflowers’ and ‘Starry Night’. We looked at ‘Starry Night’ and talked about how this painting made us feel inside! Calm Relaxed Tired Dark Happy Chilled out We used oil pastels to create our own version of this famous painting
The Dentist/Our Dentist/Our Teeth Pictures: Eggcellent Experiment We have been busy exploring the job of the Dentist and Care of Teeth through the Mighty Mouth Programme. We have learned that: we need to brush our teeth twice daily we should use a pea-sized piece of toothpaste when we brush we still need help up to and including the age of 7 we should brush our teeth using the ‘down to the toes, up to the nose’ technique for the best results We also put on our ‘Scientific Hats’ and examined the effect of different liquids on our teeth. We used hard-boiled eggs (instead of teeth) for our experiment and thought of the eggs shell as the enamel on our teeth! We found out that: The shell of the egg in water overnight did not change. The shell of the egg in milk did not change The coating on the shell of the egg in orange juice started to peel off and changed colour The shell of the egg in vinegar cracked, softened and changed colour. We concluded that the vinegar and orange juice were the liquids that caused the most damage to the egg- due to their acidity. This is important to know because if we let plaque build-up on our teeth and don’t brush them properly similar damage could happen to them.
We’ve been very busy in Senior Infants!!!
We learned about the importance of Road Safety, looked out for and created different road traffic signs and learned ‘The Safe Cross Code’.     Here we are in our High-Vis Jackets.
We learned about Vincent Van Gogh and had great fun re- creating ‘Starry Night’ using Oil Pastels
Coloured Self Portraits - Andy Warhol ‘Art Attack’ in Seniors!! Self Portraits We had great fun learning all about ourselves and the parts of our bodies. Didn’t we do a great job drawing our self-portraits! Can you figure us out?
"Senior Infants on Tour! Here are some snaps of our recent School Tour which took place in early June. Our class really enjoyed our visit to Causey Farm. We had lots of fun feeding the animals, walking through the 'Fairy Forest', playing with bubbles and running through the obstacle course. We also took a spin in the tractor and trailer and learned about turf and the bog, challenging each other to build the tallest Turf Towers!!"
Senior Infants