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Second & Third Class
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After swimming as part of P.E for the first 6 weeks, we moved onto playground games. This week, we played lots of new fun team building games where we had to work together to complete a task. One of games we played is called 'Rob the Nest'.
We were busy looking at all the different buildings in Carnaross. We went on a walk to check if we missed any. We also discussed their use and purpose in our community. When we went swimming later in the week, we made were sure to keep an eye out for different buildings in Kells.
This month we were looking at the artist Pablo Picasso. The children created portraits of different monsters and Halloween characters from different perspectives just like Picasso.
For Maths Week, we worked in teams and used our maths eyes to find maths all around our school. We found different kinds of lines such a parallel lines and perpendicular lines on the basketball court and also estimated and measured how long it took us to run around the walking track. We recorded all our findings in our Maths Trail booklets.
Electricity For Science Week 2018, 2nd and 3rd class were investigating different materials and electricity. We worked collaboratively with cubes of different materials to guess what they were made from. Together we worked out that there were cubes made from aluminium, copper, brass, metal, stone, wood, plastic and polystyrene. After that we then discussed what each different material might be used for in real life. We also used different adjectives to describe the colour, texture, apperance, and weight of the materials. Following on from that we then investigated which of the materials allowed electricity to flow through them. We learned that materials which allow electricity to flow through them are called 'good conductors' and materials which don't allow electricity to flow through them are called insulators or 'bad conductors'. We had great fun investigating and discovering how to make the light bulb work.
2nd and 3rd class explored colouring mixing, blending and shading while creating their winter landscapes. We experimented with charcoal to draw our penguins and used our fingers to create a shaded 3d affect
Ancient Egypt All the boys and girls in 2nd and 3rd class worked very hard on their projects about ancient  Egypt. The boys and girls worked in groups to research about different aspects of ancient  Egypt including the River Nile, ancient pharaohs, clothes and jewellery worn by Egyptians  and learned lots of other interesting facts along the way. The children then presented their  projects to the class. Well done everyone!
We have been busy over the past few weeks, learning about different topics in maths. Some of the topics we really enjoyed exploring were money and 2d shapes. We were learning how to give change in maths and practised this using fun games on the iPads.
We also investigated 2D shapes and had great fun trying to create human 2D shapes in the hall as well as playing shapes games.
The rain didn't hold the 2nd and 3rd class boys and girls back at Navan Adventure Centre. We had great fun together going on go- karts, playing foot golf and human foosball, racing through assault courses, finding treasure and mini golf. Take a look at what we got up to!
CARNAROSS Second & Third Class