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Junior Infants
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The children extended their theme on pattern through art to produce ‘Kandinsky Concentric circles’. The children discussed the primary colours and experimented mixing various shades while listening to music,just like Kandinsky. Yes
In February the class went on a maths trail to find 2D shapes in our school. They drew these shapes and made them using lollipop sticks.
Through Aistear the children have been investigating what objects float/sink in water. The children got wrapped up to bring their Aistear outside and drew various pictures outside on the yard. In January we were exploring all the areas of a supermarket.The children discussed and planned the layout and built it using plastic blocks. As our Irish topic was ‘Teidí Beag Álainn’ the children became ‘na dochtuirí’ and examined the many injured teddies.
In January we did lots of work on number three.Here the children are forming the numeral 3 with playdough and making their own sets of 3. The children engaged in group activities where they ordered numerals and matched sets of objects to the correct number.
In February junior infants spent some time discussing the many ways we can keep our bodies healthy.They brought in items of food and excercise for Show and Tell and explained to their class how this item helped keep them healthy. Through the ‘Fun Friends’ program the children practised techniques for keeping our mind healthy(green thoughts,relaxation).