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Junior Infants
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Junior Infants have been very active since September.Here they are during maths stations learning to sort into groups of colour. Mini Mathematicians working out which set has more.
In history the junior infants have been learning about how we all change as we get older.
Junior Infants enjoyed discussing how schools have changed over time and they took turns sitting at the old school desk in the compulibrary.They prefer their interactive whiteboard to the dusty blackboards of the past.
Using fabric,buttons and feathers the children made very nice scarecrows.
We have been learning about how we use our sense of sight.The children discussed the importance of our sight and how we need it on a daily basis.They then used magnifying glasses to investigate how we can look at small items in our classroom.
Sandpit play area
Planning their ideas for Aistear
Busy Construction Site
Junk Art Play Area
Autumn Leaf Printing
A duck pond and house in 'Our Garden'
Digging for signs of autumn
Clothes designs in the playdough area
Dressing dolls and teddies in the Small World area
Clothes shop is now open
My witch's hat
Constructing a house for our cat