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Fourth Class
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4th Class were learning about Water Treatment. We carried out an experiment to show how soil sinks and settles at the bottom of a bottle of water. Materials: Water, a clear plastic bottle with a lid, some soil. First we mixed soil in the bottle of water. The water turned very dirty. We left the bottle overnight. The following day, we noticed that the soil had sunk to the bottom of the bottle. This is called settling. It is one of the steps involved in water treatment.
Acorns Floating
Acorns Sinking
All Done!
Planting Acorns
Planting Acorns As part of Science Week, our class planted some acorns with the help of Annette Lynch (Local Environmental Ranger). Materials: Cleaned, died out milk cartons, compost, acorns, jugs, water. Method 1. We tested the acorns by placing them in a jug of water. If the seed sank, we predict that it will grow. If the seed floated, we predict that it will not grow. 2. We pierced some holes in the bottom of the cartons. We filled the cartons up to approximately ¾ level with compost. 3. We placed the acorns in the compost between 2 ½ and 5 cm under the surface. 4. We marked the cartons with `F` if the acorn floated and `S` if the acorn had sank. 5. We left the cartons in a sheltered corner in the courtyard.
Maths Stations 4th Class enjoying maths stations including Brain Box, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction board games and Scratch.  The aims of this lesson in Scratch are: Use problem solving and mathematical skills in an authentic setting. Create an animation incorporating movement and images. Create an animation of a natural habitat.
4th class in festive spirit with their Christmas Trees!
4th class thoroughly enjoyed a Green Workshop hosted by the Rediscovery Centre on the 17th of January where they learned lots about recycling and reusing in a fun way. Following on from this we made these lovely pictures using recycled materials.
Fourth Class
4th Class are studying 'Properties of Materials'  in Science. They learned that materials can be solid, liquid or gas. Water can be present in all of these forms. Through investigation of this, the class carried out the following experiment to show that water expands when frozen. By marking the bottle, the children learned that water expands when frozen and changes from being a liquid to a solid.
Water before being frozen
Water after being frozen
Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as Seachtain na Gaeilge.. Rinneamar Tráth na gCéist agus bhíomar ag caint as Gaeilge i rith an lae.Chuamar go dti an halla agus bhiomar ag canadh amhráin, ag seinm ceol agus ag damhsa. Bhi Lá Glas againn agus bhí spórt agus craic againn go léir!
Fourth Class