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First & Second Class
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Spring is finally here and the boys and girls went on an outdoor trail to look for the signs of spring. We recorded all the interesting things we found. We also designed and coloured spring buds for our school tree to reflect the coming of the new season.
1st and 2nd class participated in Engineer's Week and designed and created some really cool egg carriers. The children had to ensure their egg would not break in the carrier if it was dropped from a height. Let's say we had some fun testing out our creations! We also discovered that if you could slow down how fast the landing craft fell, the egg would have a softer landing. As a result some boys and girls created parachutes as part of the design. The children worked together in groups to design, create and test their creations. We experimented with lots of different kinds of materials and discovered some worked better than others.
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We all had great fun participating in Sports day this year. We had fun races, obstacle courses and of course ice cream to celebrate Ice cream day for Down Syndrome Ireland.
The boys and girls in 1st and 2nd class had a beautiful day for their school tour to Rathbeggan Lakes last week.
First & Second Class